Hair Implantation

Biofibre hair implants are a type of hair implant made of synthetic fiber  which is said to be biocompatible with the human body, in that it does not excite much foreign body reaction and rarely gets rejected by the recipient site. The hairs that are implanted are said to be almost like natural hair. Biofibre hair implants are soft and flexible, coming in a variety of shapes, lengths and colors. This fiber can be washed and dried like natural hair. However it cannot be bleached or dyed.

Before the hair implant process is done there is a sensitivity testing protocol to be followed to ensure that the patient does not show sensitivity to the implanted fibers. As it may show allergic reaction.

The biofibre hair implant is specially made so that it can be implanted without much trauma to the scalp and can be pulled out without leaving any scars. Doctors are specially trained to implant the individual biofibre hair implants into any bald areas of scalp using special  instruments, which implant the hairs securely into specific depths. Certain areas of the scalp which would otherwise not be treatable with normal implants can be treated with biofibre.

Post implant the patient is expected to follow certain procedures such as cleaning of the hair implants with approved products and follow up regularly with the hair implant clinic. Usually there is 10 to 20% fall of Biofibre hair implant every year and need to be replaced.

Mr. Gurkirat Sandhu from Patiala

It was a wonderful experience getting the procedure done by Dr. Parmjit Walia. He and his staff is very humble.

Mr. K.L Kumar from Delhi

It was so homely atmosphere. Earlier I was little nervous and scared about the surgery but Dr.Walia and his staff made it so comfortable.

Mr. P.D Sharma from Chandigarh

I am really thrilled to see the results. Got so many compliments for my hair and young look.

Mr. L.Harle from Canada

My overall experience has been very good. It was a bit apprehensive to come in India but after visiting Dr. Walia's Clinic, I feel there is much more personal care is given in India. It was for the first time in my life that I have gone through the hair transplant stitch less surgery. But it is worth coming & taking as results are so wonderful.

Mr. Sehgal from Amritsar

Thanks for taking real good care from the start till end. Dr.Walia and his team have given me new and more youth look. Bless you all.

Mr. Lally from Jalandhar

I am fully satisfied with the services provided by Dr.Walia's clinic. The staff is very co-operative and helpful in all aspects. Especially I am thankful to Dr.Walia, he is really very friendly. Everyone takes so good care and provide excellent food and snacks.

Mr. R.Kumar from Mohali

Dr.Walia site is so helpful, E-Mail response are so quick and very satisfying counseling before hair transplant. It was painless surgery.

Mr. Advani from Ganganagar

My experience of hair transplant was good. The doctor and the attendants are very helpful. I would love to recommend to the other people also.

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